Autumn Equinox is the doorway which prepares us for change in the Earths energy, the summer is now over and this is the transition into the Winter Season. It is a time of balance, day and night are in perfect Equilibrium again.

Everything co exists together and we need both sides in order to be balanced and whole.  Here at The Autumn Equinox we gather to celebrate our whole selves this is the preparations for us to go inwards.

The Dragon goes underground now for winter, it will carry the fire energy into the inner realms; the Dragon is an ancient energy representing Earths energy which is to be found her in the Preseli Mountains (Its star features the Bluestones were to taken to Stonehenge 4000 years ago). This landscape holds the sacred knowledge of our Ancestors which we have drifted away from over the centuries knowledge that was held has nearly been lost but is now being regained.

Over these few days we will spend time exploring Ancient Cairns, Standing stones and Fairy glens walking this landscape reawakens the Soul, it is a land of healing, and we will have meditative walks In the ancient woods, and as always time to just be.

This is Time for you so we like our retreats to be relaxed , it is your time and we just want you to do exactly what your heart & soul desire.

Our accommodation is in wonderful surroundings, plenty of trees and beautiful views of the Preseli Mountains, there are only 5 spaces available as I have small intimate gatherings,

if you wish a single room please let me know also any dietary requirements, all food is Organic .

The retreat each morning, there's fruits & herbal teas whilst you slowly awaken. Then, there’ll be a hearty breakfasts to set you up for the day.

On all but 2 evenings we will dine out if you wish. These are vegetarian - sometimes vegan - if you so desire

On your 2 free eves you are free to explore the local dining options nearby

or you can dine at 'home' at our retreat, group preperation of meals if anyone wishes.

For details of costs and itinerary and To book your place please contact me on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I look forward to sharing this very special time and space with you Love Heather

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September 2020