Summer Solstice June – 19th – 23rd

The first day of summer. It encompasses the longest day and the shortest night, the solstices are the moment to be conscious of life’s flow, the element of Fire, time for Reflection.

It is said that on the eve of Summer Solstice which in Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the time of the year when the Faerie power is the strongest. It is an  important time of the year for the Faery Kingdom and the veil between the human world and the Elemental world is at its thinnest point making it easier to see and communicate with the Faery people said to live beneath the hills and often identified as the Sidhe. 

Ancient Cultures worldwide have erected monuments just to capture the sunrise and sunset, they understood and planned for this powerful spiritual happening, as they knew that A Portal of Great Energy and Consciousness was available to experience at this magical time.  I have experienced this at one of the Dolmans which was constructed at this site for this very event, we will spend our time there for the Sunset on the Solstice.

Over the 4 days we will explore and connect with the Sacred sites of the Preseli’s, My personnel journey here has taken me to places beyond where I might have imagined, far past stone Circles and Dolmans, this exploration has become a pilgrimage of the heart and an expression of universal wisdom. 

Please join me at this time on the Visionary Path, experiencing the immersion of Gaia’s Powerful energies, and the connections with the Universe.

Our Accommodation for these 4 days is the very same as the retreat of Awakening.

As always this is Time for you, so we like our retreats to be super tranquil and comfortable. Every morning there’ll be a hearty breakfast to set you up for the day. There will also be unlimited hot beverages and fresh fruit available, all Organic where possible.

if you wish a single room please let me know also any dietary requirements.

On all but 2 evenings we will dine out if you wish, or you can dine at 'home' at our retreat home, group preparation of meals if anyone wishes.

For details of costs and itinerary and To book your place please contact me on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I look forward to sharing this very special time and space with you Love Heather

Well Being Retreat
20th - 25th Sep 2019