Retreat of Awakening.

Once upon a time a very regular person lived in a very regular world, then one day her life changed dramatically, she got married had a few children and moved to Wales.  The time was spent mostly discovering walks in the enchanted woods, Dragon pathways, Stone circles and of course lots of Fairy Glens. Walking these pathways reawakened her to memories of her own childhood when she experienced the magic and mysteries of the enchanted Realms, but never quiet believed it was all real and stopped believing.

Well they are real, they do exist.  Yes, the spirits of the Air, Fire, Water and Earth speaks, but only to those who can hear with their hearts.  They speak in so many different ways.  For you see, they speak in the language of love.  Their images reflect in the tree or stone, the formation in the clouds, their whispers are everywhere but only those with open minds and a loving heart can welcome these captivating beings of love and absolute happiness into their lives.

Therefore, I have been inspired to create and hold space in the magical surrounds of the Preseli’s, a landscape providing a haven of peace and tranquillity.  This time will be an abundance of development workshops to deepen your connection with your light body, which will open you up to connections with the earth’s consciousness, Angelic realms, Mineral Kingdom and more. We will walk the landscape which will enable you to initiate your own questing through meditation and silent listening, remembering the magical power you hold deep and forgotten within you.

In order to fully understand the purpose of these Retreat/workshops, we must first clarify that the elemental beings that preside over the natural world, ensuring that all is as it should be according to the Seasons and Cycles of the year.  Following these cycles enables us to follow our own Path, helping us to be in tune with the Seasons, feeling part of Nature and knowing that everything is connected.

Want to know more? then come and join me on this amazing retreat where our feet will bring us to where our heart dwells, whatever you give your attention to at this time will grow, come join me into the Portal of the Enchanted Realms.

Our Accommodation for these 4 days is set in the amazing vibrations bathed in the abundance of nature and filled with the healing energy of the Trees and Bluestone landscape. The grounds are open to all to enjoy with far reaching views of the Preseli’s. So, leave all your concerns behind you, I can guarantee a lot of laughter, relaxation and so learning to grow, heal and move forward.

This is Time for you, so we like our retreats to be super tranquil and comfortable. Every morning there’ll be a hearty breakfast to set you up for the day. There will also be unlimited hot beverages and fresh fruit available, all Organic where possible.

if you wish a single room please let me know also any dietary requirements.

On all but 2 evenings we will dine out if you wish, or you can dine at 'home' at our retreat home, group preparation of meals if anyone wishes.

For details of costs and itinerary and To book your place please contact me on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I look forward to sharing this very special time and space with you Love Heather



Well Being Retreat
20th - 25th Sep 2019