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Next Tour Dates

27th April - 02nd May 2017

Beltane May
2017 details coming soon

Next Tour Dates

Egypt March 2018

Sedona & The Red Road Sept 2017

Mount Shasta Sep 2017

Dream it, Wish it, Do it.
I have always had a passion for travel, and for the past 25 years have been fortunate enough to work in the travel industry, and strongly believe it was my destiny.
For the past decade I have travelled the world, leading groups, encountering and experiencing many different cultures, magical people and sacred sites. Alongside this have also been facilitating workshops.

It seems that the soul has its own journey, a purpose - mission it has to fulfil. I decided to listen to that inner voice; I had faith and trusted that everything would be as it should. So without a moment's hesitation left my job and decided to live my dream, follow my soul path, embarking on spiritual and magical quests.

Vision Quests
This is a spiritual adventure, a process of going out into nature, with clear intention, and away from the distractions of everyday life, and being with the wonders of our Creator/God. It is sacred time of change, a passage into a new and often deeper level of one's Soul Path. Rite of Passage - that of purpose, healing, remembering, discovery, joy and a sense of connectedness with all.

These Spiritual/Soul Journeys are a magic circle that encompasses that entire world.  We journey around it; you will find wonders both within and without.

You might even discover the wonder of knowing about yourself: who you are, what you know and what you have come here to do in this lifetime.

The Earth is a Magickal place and a source of constant marvels.

I look forward to you joining on a magical Soul journey.

Thanks so much for visiting this web site. I appreciate your time and any comments you have. Should you have any questions I would be happy to hear from you, also if you are drawn to join us on any of our journeys, please call or email info@dreamwishdo.co.uk.