Falling in love with the earth is one of my great adventures, it is an affair of the heart like no other, a joyful experience that remains endlessly repeatable throughout my life, one that is unrestricted by age or custom, and strengthened rather than tempered through sharing. In fact, the more I give it away the stronger it grows.
This place where we live must surely be designated as a Magical garden in space, a place of astounding beauty. This very affair has inspired me to set up Dreamwishdo and invite you to open your minds and hearts to see the magic that is always there.

The past 12 years I have escorted groups, encountering and experiencing many of the power points on our beautiful Mother Earth, always feeling so blessed to experience such outstanding beauty, also that I was able to bring people to places where they could have their own experiences.

Now after experiencing so much, I am ready to share what I have been taught through walking the many landscapes, I have come to realise that these places are connected to the very Heart of Gaia which have been honoured by the ancestors of these lands over so many generations, resulting in the high healing energy which is free for all to experience.

The Earth is a Magickal place and a source of constant marvels.

Thanks so much for visiting this web site. I appreciate your time and any comments you have. Should you have any questions I would be happy to hear from you, also if you are drawn to join us on any of our journeys, please call or email.
Sincerely, Heather