Wales is a land of Poetry, myth, and legend. Every peak, Tree and stone whispers its legends of gods, goddesses, and kings - whose presence can still be felt. There are traces of an almost forgotten amount of knowledge and teachings. The landscape beats with the spirit and Magick of the mountains and Valleys of this ancient Land.

The Celts left almost no representations of their Gods. This is because to them the living symbolism of tree, stone and stream were eternal reminders of the perfection of creation.

To walk among trees is to reconnect with our deep ancestral roots.

This journey is an exploration and connection to the Inner Worlds, the mysterious stone circles and ancient Forests.

We will walk in the Bluestone Mountains, through the ancient woods said to be gateways to the World of the Ancestors & elementals.

It is not necessary to be following any specific path to join with this retreat, it is only necessary to believe in the spiritual truth of the Universe that all life is sacred and that we ourselves are in ownership of an individual Soul or Spirit and in doing so you will encounter the unfolding of information dependent on the combined energy that is present. Working in close harmony with the natural land, with the elements that assist in its recurring circle of life.

I am not only concerned with the outward journey but also the journey within so there is plenty of space for reflection, inner peace and time to just be as always. It is a very special time and place to be so I hope you join me to share in the experience of

Megalithic Magick.

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