'Every year many thousands of people pilgrimage to Sedona, In addition to being one of the most beautiful and serene places, Sedona has long been known as a spiritual power centre. That is because the power from the vortexes produces some of the most powerful energy on the planet.

I personally find the energy centre in Sedona inspirational. If you are at all sensitive to energy, the encounter of standing at one of these vortexes, and letting the energy flow through you can be awe inspiring.  People come from all over the world to experience this.

The vortexes of Sedona are named because they are believed to be spiritual locations that exists on multiple dimensions, and interacts with a person's inner self, which makes these sites the perfect location to facilitate meditation, healing and prayer.   It is not easily explained. It must be experienced.

What the visit to Sedona with Dreamwishdo Ltd involves at a glance
We will Visit Sedona’s sacred sites connected with the myths of the native Yavapai Apache people of this land. Connect to the sacred landscape and the mythic cycles of creation.
We will also journey to The Grand Canyon and the Hopi lands as we travel through Navajo Nation

If you would like to join us on this wonderful journey, please call Heather on: 01239 615296 or email info@dreamwishdo.co.uk for full itinerary.