We invite you to join us as we explore the many powerful Sacred Sites.

Our Journeys are spiritual adventures, a process of going out into nature, with clear intention, and away from the distractions of everyday life. It is sacred time of change, a passage into a new and often deeper level of one's spirituality. Rite of Passage - that of purpose, healing, discovery, joy and a sense of connectedness with all things.

These Soulful Journeys are a magical circle that encompasses that entire world.  We journey around it; you will find wonders both within and without.  You might even discover the wonder of knowing about yourself: realign with the dream and remember who you really are, what you know and what you can do in this lifetime.  It is a balance of discovery, inspiration and growth. So Let us inspire you to embrace the possibilities, come and join us on a journey of a lifetime shared with small intimate groups of like-minded fellow travellers that will lift you out of your everyday self and leave you to encounter something far greater, into a realm beyond.

Tailor-made journeys: If you can't find your perfect journey, or you just want to create your own itinerary, whether it is an individual or a group, we can soon create it for you!

We are not only concerned with the outward journey but also the journey within so there is plenty of space for reflection, inner peace and time to just be. We look forward to you joining us on a journey you'll never forget.